Bolikhamxay Landscape

Bolikhamsai (Lao: ບໍລິຄໍາໄຊ) Province, situated in the centre of the Lao PDR, is characterised by the Annamite Mountain Range stretching east to Vietnam, and the Mekong River and Thailand to the west. 

The Bolikhamxay Landscape comprises several key forest management areas, including Nam Kading National Protected Area, Phou Si Thon Endangered Species Conservation Area, Phou Chomvoy Provincial Protected Area, and Nam Gnouang South Provincial Forest Area.  As part of the Northern Annamites this remarkable landscape contains unique habitats and endangered species such as Saola, large-antlered muntjac, Asian elephants, white-cheeked black crested gibbon species, and red-shanked douc langur.


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