Wildlife Trade

Wildlife Trade

1. We, the Ministers responsible for CITES and Wildlife Enforcement, hereby convey our Statement on Illegal Wildlife Trade in the occasion of the Spec......

Laos has vowed to continue cooperation with international partners in addressing challenges in wildlife law enforcement, with the country still at risk of illegal trading.

Deputy Director of the Department of Forest Inspection under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ms Louamkham Sengchanoudom, addressed the issue on Thursday at a consultation workshop on the Wildlife Legality Compendium Project.

Illegal Ivory Seized In Raid On Luang Prabang Shop
More than 73 kilograms of ivory products were confiscated from a souvenir shop in Luang Prabang province recently and the foreign owner detained for s......
Over 50 countries have adopted the London 2018 declaration committing to action to protect endangered species around the globe, with more ex......

A Vietnamese businessman suspected of trafficking and trading in elephant ivory was recently arrested in Vientiane, police officers said.

The raid was based on a verified tip-off and a report from a citizen about the suspected trafficking, said the Department of Combating Natural Resources and Environmental Crime (DCNEC) under the Ministry of Public Security.

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has issued an order to tighten regulations against hunting and trade of protected wildlife. Individuals or groups that breach the order are to be arrested and prosecuted.

The PM issued the Order for Increased Stringency in Management and Inspection of Protected Wild Fauna and Flora, No. 05/PM, on 08 May this year. 

The Mekong region is a perfect storm - a source, transit route and final destination for many of the world’s most valuable and threatened wildli......


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