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Bounthanom Sitthixay
Community Consultation Campaign Livelihood Technical
Bounthanom Sitthixay completed his Graduate Diploma of Agriculture and Forestry at Champasak Agriculture and Forestry College in 2007 and graduated with a Higher Diploma of Forestry at Bolikhamxay Agriculture and Forestry College in 2015. He now works with the IEWMP Project.
David Lety
Technical Director: Bolikhamxay Landscape
David leads the overall WCS intervention in Bolikhamxay Province, providing strategic and technical guidance in the implementation, coordination and management of field activities. David obtained his Engineer/MSc degree in France in the fields of agronomy, rural development and environment. Since 2005 he has been involved in projects related to integrated rural development and natural resources management worldwide and occupied long term field positions in rural areas (Laos, France, Yemen, Madagascar, Afghanistan). His interest is to link community development to conservation outcomes. Resident in Laos since 2013, he joined the WCS Lao Program in 2017.
Kaisone Zaisombut
Gender Officer
Kaisone Zaisombut completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Watershed Management at Savannakhet University in 2017. She worked in the Agriculture and Forestry Office of Xaychamphone District, Bolikhamxay Province for one year focusing on Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) and agricultural development. She began work with WCS in January 2019, coordinating all WCS activities related to the support of women’s groups and NTFP development in the communities adjacent to Phou Sithane ESCA and Nam Kading National Protected Area.
Khanhthong Xayyavong
Program Officer – Law Enforcement and Biodiversity Monitoring
graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forest Sciences at the National University of Laos in 2014. While studying, he worked part-time for the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute. After graduation, he started his conservation career by working as a Senior GIS/SMART Officer for WCS on the Nam Et-Phou Louey program, moving to WWF Laos for further experience before returning to WCS in mid 2018 to support the Bolikhamxay landscape by advising on law enforcement operations and biodiversity monitoring.
Kiengkai Khoonsrivong
Project Coordinator
Based in Paksan, Bolikhamxay Province, Kiengkai Khoonsrivong works for WCS as Project Coordinator in the Nam Kading National Protected Area. Kiengkai graduated with a Diploma of Forestry and has previous experience in related projects involving monitoring and evaluation, improving the living conditions of communities, and land use planning.
Kikham Chanthapidavong
Program Officer: Information Systems
Kikham graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Geographical Sciences and Geographic Information Systems at the National University of Laos in 2012. He then began work with IEWMP (Program Cooperation for Biodiversity Protection between PAFO and WCS Lao) in the Nam Kading Protected Area in the Bolikhamxay landscape. He has more than 5 years of experience on SMART Information System and Law Enforcement, having worked on the MIST/SMART Law Enforcement database used in protected area management, and GIS since 2013, and contracted directly to the WCS Lao Program in 2016.
Vanvay Chitpaseuth
Program Manager, Laos
Vanvay Chitpaseuth has been employed by WCS Laos as Program Manager for Integrated Ecosystem and Wildlife Management Program (IEWMP) in Bolikhamxay Province since September 2017. His major background is forestry, but he also graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Higher Diploma in English. With over 20 years of experience in conservation, livelihoods and co-management, Vanvay is a senior local expert, but he is still keen to learn and listen. He believes sustainability happens when livelihoods are improved, and local authorities have ownership and adopt co-management principles

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