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Soubanh Silithammavong
Wildlife Health Program Coordinator
Soubanh graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration before beginning to work with Dersue and Associated Consulting Company as a logisitcs officer for wildlife inventory surveys. In 2008 he joined WCS as Wildlife Trade Project Officer and worked closely with enforcement officers to patrol markets in Vientiane Capital city. The following year he worked in both wildlife trade and health with conducting research about zoonotic disease in wildlife from confiscated animals. Most recently Soubanh has cobducted work as part of the USAID PREDICT- Emerging Pandemic Threats program and been leading field teams for zoonotic surveillance in wild animal from hunting communities.
Kongsy Khammavong
Project Coordinator
Almost 10 years, Kongsy Khammavong has been working for Wildlife Conservation Society mainly on wildlife zoonotic disease research and surveillance related to wildlife markets in Lao PDR. She completed her Bachelor's degree in forestry in 2008 at National University of Laos. She worked as a WCS Research Student in 2008. She started working with WCS as a Project assistant in the Wildlife Trade Project after finishing University and then a year later she worked as a Project Officer in the Wildlife health program, looking primary at zoonotic diseases in traded wildlife. In 2015, she was promoted to be project coordinator for the Wildlife Health program in Laos, to coordinate implementing the LACANET-One Health Surveillance. Currently, she works as a coordinator in the DTRA-funded wildlife health network surveillance at the WCS Lao PDR program.
Phonesavanh Milavong
Wildlife Health Project Officer
Phonesavanh graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the National University of Laos in 2015. She started working with WCS after graduating in 2015 as a project assistant under the LACANET project for two years and then moved to her present position in the Wildlife Health program and focusing on wildlife disease surveillance. Currently, she works as a Project Officer in the DTRA-funded Wildlife Health project.

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